Assessing and Managing Toxic Risk from Alternative VOC Compounds



    Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 9:00 AM PDT


    South Coast AQMD Headquarters

    21865 Copley Drive


    Diamond Bar, CA 91765


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In the ongoing effort to meet more stringent federal ozone standards, the South Coast Air Quality Management District continues to seek VOC emissions reductions from stationary and area sources in the South Coast Air Basin. One strategy to achieve this goal is to continue to lower limits on the VOC content of coatings, solvents, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, inks and other VOC containing products. Manufacturers have responded by reformulating their products to meet new VOC limits, in many cases using alternative compounds that have been exempted from the definition of VOC. These exemptions are based primarily on evidence that the compound does not significantly contribute to ozone formation, but may also consider other factors such as toxicity and climate impacts. Recently, the South Coast AQMD has been faced with a variety of issues regarding the potential toxic risk posed by compounds proposed for exemption, or otherwise anticipated to have increased use, when proposed rules are analyzed under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). These issues include aspects of both risk assessment and risk management.

This symposium will include presentations from experts from the regulatory, industrial, academic, and environmental communities exploring these critical issues from different perspectives. The objective is to provide South Coast AQMD with expert advice and potential future direction regarding the analysis and mitigation of potential toxic risks associated with alternative VOC compounds.


 Welcome; Purpose & Overview of Symposius

Dr. Barry Wallerstein

South Coast AQMD Toxic Rules Program & Health Effects Policy - (PDF, 270kb)   

Dr. Jean Ospital

South Coast AQMD VOC Control Program, Limit & Compliance Routes - (PDF, 1,259kb) 

Naveen Berry

South Coast AQMD CEQA Responsibilities, Impact Analysis, & Mitigation - (PDF, 480kb)  

Michael Krause

OEHHA & the VOC Exemption Process - (PDF, 87kb)

Dr. John Budroe

Off-Site Worker & Residential Health Risk Assessment - (PDF, 2,867kb)

Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald

Estimating Exposure for On-Site Worker Health Risk Estimates - (PDF, 99kb)  

Dr. Mark Nicas

Risk Assessment & Toxics Identification Processes - (PDF, 116kb)

Curt Coleman, Esq. 

Occupational Health Standard Setting & Worker Risk Levels - (PDF, 359kb)

Dr. Julia Quint

Coating Industry Perspective  - (PDF, 698kb)

Stephen Sides

Criteria Pollutant & Toxics Trade Offs - (PDF, 144kb)

Dr. Matthew Lakin

Technical Solutions, Safer Feasible Alternatives - (PDF, 1,804kb)

Dr. Katy Wolf

Examples of Mitigating Workplace Risk - (No Written Materials)

Don Vulich

Labor Workplace Safety - (No Written Materials)

Dr. Linda Delp

Risk Mitigation in the Workplace - (PDF, 95kb)

Jose Boria

Agenda - pdf, 372kb
Bios - pdf, 336kb

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