WAIRE Program

Rule 2305 – Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE) Program includes compliance and reporting requirements for warehouse owners and operators.

**Initial Site Information Report (ISIR) for Phase 3 Warehouses 
is due by July 2, 2024

The due date for submitting ISIRs for Phase 3 warehouses (greater than or equal to 100,000 sq. ft and less than 150,000 sq. ft) is July 2, 2024. The payment portal will be offline periodically from June 28 at 10 AM until July 1 at 7AM.  However, the report information can be entered and saved in the WAIRE Program Online Portal (WAIRE POP) at any time. To accommodate this planned system downtime, the due date for the Initial Site Information Reports was extended to no later than 11:59 PM (PT) on July 2, 2024.

The ISIR submission will be considered complete upon receipt of both the certified ISIR and fee payment (see Rule 316 for fee amount). If you have any questions, please contact: or (909) 396-3140.


Rule 2305 – WAIRE Program is an indirect source rule that regulates warehouse facilities to reduce emissions from the goods movement industry. Rule 316 establishes fees to fund Rule 2305 compliance activities. Rule 2305 applies to warehouses with at least 100,000 square feet of indoor floor space in a single building.

An overview of the program is summarized in a fact sheet

Guidance Documents

The resources below provide warehouse operators and owners with further guidance on complying with Rule 2305.

Compliance and Reporting

The WAIRE Program is a menu-based point system that requires warehouse operators to earn WAIRE Points by completing actions off the WAIRE Menu, by implementing an approved Custom WAIRE Plan, or by paying a mitigation fee every year.

Warehouse facility owners will be required to submit an informational report on their buildings (Warehouse Operations Notification), and warehouse operators will also be required to submit reports about facility operations and compliance approaches (Initial Site Information Report and Annual WAIRE Report). 

WAIRE Program Hotline: 909-396-3140

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