Rule 1194 - Commercial Airport Ground Access Vehicles (Taxicabs, Shuttles, etc.)

For public and private fleets that provide passenger pickup services at commercial airports in the South Coast AQMD's jurisdiction, this rule requires fleet operators of passenger cars, light-duty trucks, medium-duty transit vehicles, and heavy-duty transit vehicles to acquire cleaner burning or alternative-fueled vehicles when procuring these vehicles.  Vehicles with wheel chair access are exempt.  Cleaner burning vehicles are those certified by the CARBLink to external website. as ultralow-emission vehicles (ULEVs), super-ultralow-emission vehicles (SULEVs), or zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).

  1. This rule applies to:

  • All public and private fleet operators of fifteen (15) or more vehicles operated by the airport authority

  • Any other public or private fleet operators that pick up passengers from commercial airports located within the South Coast AQMD's jurisdiction

  1. This rule shall not apply to public or private fleet operators subject to Rules 1186.1, 1191, 1192, 1193, 1195 or 1196.

South Coast AQMD Incentive Funding Program

Funding may be available for the buydown of any CNG or other alternative fuel vehicle.  For information call Fleet Rules Hotline at 909-396-3044.  For this purpose the following forms are available:  Funding Request/Cofunding Agreement  (PDF, 249kb) and Disbursement. (PDF, 76kb)

Finding a Rule-Compliant Vehicle

CARB is the agency responsible for certifying new vehicles for sale in California.  Upon certification CARB requires the manufacturer to attach a Vehicle Emission Control Information label (PDF, 122kb) to the underside of the hood of every passenger vehicle.  CARB certifies engines and vehicles on an ongoing basis throughout the calendar year.  As such, if you are interested in a particular vehicle and you are unable to access the Vehicle Emission Control Information label, you may contact the South Coast AQMD contact listed below to determine if the vehicle or engine of interest is certified at ULEV or cleaner.

Other Links for Finding Rule-Compliant Vehicles

Other Links for Finding Fueling Stations

For more information on the fleet rules, call the Fleet Rule Implementation Hotline at 909-396-3044 or e-mail



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