Environmental Justice Advisory Group

Synopsis of History

The South Coast AQMD Governing Board established an Ethnic Community Advisory Council on September 7, 1990 to serve as an advisory body to the Governing Board with specialized expertise on the impact of air quality issues on the ethnic communities in the South Coast Air Basin.

In 2008 the Administrative Committee recommended that this group be restructured into an Environmental Justice Advisory Group (EJAG), with a focus on air quality and environmental justice issues in the area served by South Coast AQMD.  On May 1, 2009 the Governing Board amended the EJAG charter to increase membership from 20 members to 30 members.


The mission of the EJAG is to advise and assist South Coast AQMD in protecting and improving public health in South Coast AQMD’s most impacted communities through the reduction and prevention of air pollution.


The goals of the EJAG are to:

  1. Advise South Coast AQMD on issues related to environmental justice;

  2. Create and sustain a positive and productive relationship between South Coast AQMD and community members;

  3. Better inform South Coast AQMD about environmental justice issues; and

  4. Assure that South Coast AQMD makes meaningful and continuous progress toward the achievement of environmental justice through its decisions and activities.


South Coast AQMD shall ensure that the EJAG include an ethnically and geographically diverse membership, consisting of up to 30 members, with at least two members from each county and representatives from the most highly impacted communities within South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction. Members will serve staggered four-year terms.  Upon recommendation by the EJAG Chair, appointments will be made by the Chairman of the Board with consideration for Board Member input, and following review by the Administrative Committee.  The same process, as above, applies for reappointment to fill any vacancy or for removal of a member.  Advisory Group Members (PDF)

For more information, please email Lisa Tanaka O'Malley or call (909) 396-3327.

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Agendas


This Advisory Group reports to Administrative Committee.

Staff Contact Person:   

Evangelina Barrera, (909) 396-2583.


Environmental Justice Advisory Group Charter (PDF)

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