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Samyoung S&C - SY-DS-DK3

General Description

The Samyoung S&C sensors (Model: SY-DS-DK3) are designed to provide real-time measurements of PM2.5 mass concentrations.

Principle of Operation

The PM2.5 sensor provides mass concentration values by detecting over 0.3 µm sized particles through Samyoung S&C’s proprietary optical structure with IrED.


·          Dimensions: 100 (Diameter) x 90 (Height) mm

·          Weight: 87.8 g

·          Power supply: Yes

·          Sensor lifetime: min. 5 years

·          Clock function: no

·          Sampling mechanism: Fan

·          Environmental operating conditions: Temp: - 10 to 65 °C, RH: Max. 95% (Non-Condensing)

·          Internal data logging: No

·          Data communication and logging: RS232C, Terminal programs


·         Indoor Air Quality

·         Outdoor Air Quality

·         Air Solution Products

·         HVAC Control System


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