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Aeroqual AQY Sensor Network

Sensor Data Dashboards:

AB 617 San Bernardino/Muscoy Community Data Dashboard
SBM AQPortal Data Dashboard

AB 617 Eastern Coachella Valley Community Data Dashboard
ECV AQPortal Data Dashboard

Aeroqual AQY Data Dashboard User Guide
AQY Dashboard User Guide

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Video 1: Introducing the AQY Data Dashboard
Video 2: Using the Map in the Dashboard
Video 3: Using the Analysis Tools in the Dashboard
Video 4: Using the Diagnostics Tools and Downloading Data 

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The data collected by the AQY sensor is streamed into the Aeroqual Cloud system. The data is processed as described above and is retrieved by South Coast AQMD. The AQPortal data dashboard provides a view of the quality controlled (QC'd) calibrated AQY data. The data dashboard provides an interactive experience to explore the AQY data collected within the community.


Description and Intended Purpose

The Aeroqual AQY sensor network is a network of sensors deployed in the South Coast Air Basin. The goal of the AQY sensor network is to collect air pollution data at an increased spatial scale across our basin to support on-going air monitoring projects. This sensor network is deployed in collaboration with Aeroqual, Inc. (Auckland, New Zealand) to deploy air quality sensors in a hierarchical air monitoring network with on-going drift detection, QC checks, and remote calibrations. A hierarchical air monitoring network includes both air quality sensors and more expensive regulatory-grade air monitoring instruments. The AQY sensors are deployed in two projects:

  1. AB 617 Community Air Monitoring: The AQY sensor network is being deployed as part of the South Coast AQMD AB 617 Community Air Monitoring to supplement regulatory-grade monitoring in the San Bernardino & Muscoy (SBM) and the Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV) communities.
  2. Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) Map: The AQY sensor network is being deployed strategically across the South Coast Air Basin to collect air monitoring data to support the Real-time AQI Map which displays current AQI information. This work is led and coordinated by the Air Quality Assessment Group in the South Coast AQMD Planning & Rule Development Office.

The Aeroqual AQY Sensor

The Aeroqual AQY sensor is a multi-pollutant sensor that measures ozone, nitrogen-dioxide, and particulate matter. The South Coast AQMD Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center (AQ-SPEC) has evaluated the performance of the Aeroqual AQY sensor, with reports found on the Aeroqual AQY sensor page

Aeroqual AQY - AQ-SPEC Evaluation Summary Report
Aeroqual AQY Sensor Specifications

Aeroqual AQY Installation Guide v1.1


Data Processing (Quality Control and Remote Calibration)

The data collected by the AQY sensor network is streamed into the Aeroqual Cloud system. Once there, the data is retrieved and monitored to detect potential drift and potential sensor health issues.  A monthly calibration is performed on the AQY sensor network using the Aeroqual MOment MAtching (MOMA) calibration approach which calibrates the sensor units to a selected proxy reference site.

More information on the data processing (Quality Control and Remote Calibration) can be found in peer reviewed literature: 

Weissert, L., Miles, E., Miskell, G., Alberti, K., Feenstra, B., Henshaw, G.S., Papapostolou, V., Patel, H., Polidori, A., Salmond, J.A. and Williams, D.E., 2020. Hierarchical network design for nitrogen dioxide measurement in urban environments. Atmospheric Environment, 228, p.117428.  

Miskell, G., Alberti, K., Feenstra, B., Henshaw, G.S., Papapostolou, V., Patel, H., Polidori, A., Salmond, J.A., Weissert, L. and Williams, D.E., 2019. Reliable data from low cost ozone sensors in a hierarchical network. Atmospheric Environment, 214, p.116870.  

Miskell, G., Salmond, J., Alavi-Shoshtari, M., Bart, M., Ainslie, B., Grange, S., McKendry, I.G., Henshaw, G.S. and Williams, D.E., 2016. Data verification tools for minimizing management costs of dense air-quality monitoring networks. Environmental science & technology, 50(2), pp.835-846.


The AQY sensor network and related tools are intended to be used for educational and informational purposes. Furthermore, the code used to build these tools, the data processing steps, and the different features of these tools may be subject to revision depending on the needs of the project. The data collected by the AQY sensor network is from air quality sensors that are processed and calibrated to improve the accuracy of the sensors. These sensors are not regulatory-grade instruments and should be used for informational purposes only.

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