Clean Communities Plan

On November 5, 2010, the Governing Board approved the 2010 Clean Communities Plan (CCP)

On November 5, 2010, the Governing Board approved the 2010 Clean Communities Plan (CCP). The CCP is an update to the 2000 Air Toxics Control Plan (ATCP) and the 2004 Addendum.  The objective of the 2010 CCP is to reduce the exposure to air toxics and air-related nuisances throughout the district, with emphasis on cumulative impacts.  The elements of the 2010 CCP are community exposure reduction, community participation, communication and outreach, agency coordination, monitoring and compliance, source-specific programs, and nuisance.  Below are links to the approved document and resolution.

2010 Clean Communities Plan (PDF, 6.1MB)
Resolution (PDF, 43kb)

Clean Communities Plan Pilot Studies

The centerpiece of the 2010 Clean Communities Plan is a pilot study where the South Coast AQMD staff will work with community stakeholders to identify and develop solutions community-specific to air quality issues in two communities:  (1) the City of San Bernardino and (2) Boyle Heights and surrounding areas.  Click on the city below to find out more information about the Pilot Study, including future scheduled working group meetings.

San Bernardino Pilot Study
Boyle Heights Pilot Study

Upon completion of the two pilot studies, the South Coast AQMD staff will develop guidance that other communities can use to address air quality issues specific to their community.


In order to help implement various measures of the CCP, South Coast AQMD staff committed to exploring funding opportunities via redirecting existing funds or identifying new funding sources, including state or federal grant programs. 

Current Funding Opportunities 

Electric Vehicle Charging and Solar Rebate Program* (PDF, 273kb) This program is being provided through a Targeted Air Shed Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is available to non-profit organizations and government agencies that are located in Boyle Heights, San Bernardino and Western Riverside County.   * No more funds are available at this time.  Further requests for funding will be placed on a waiting list.  EPA Targeted Air Shed Grant 

Additional grants and funding related to the CCP.

Recent and Upcoming CCP Related Activities

No Upcoming Activities Scheduled

May 4, 2016 - Update for South Coast AQMD Local Government and Small Business Assistance Clean Communities Plan Update Boyle Heights and San Bernardino CCP pilot study update for South Coast AQMD Local Government & Small Business Assistance Advisory Group.  Presentation- May 4, 2016 (PDF, 2MB) Past CCP Related Activities

Associated Air Quality and Health Studies

Studies were conducted in the pilot study area regarding air quality and health.

Loma Linda University BNSF Railyard Study (Project ENRRICH)

Project ENRRICH a community based participatory research study, was developed by researchers at Loma Linda University (LLU) in partnership with the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) to understand how proximity to a freight railyard impacts health of surrounding community members (both adult and children)

ENRRICH Project Final Report (PDF, 3MB)
Presentation (PDF, 840kb)

UCLA Railyard Study

Dr. John Froines of UCLA is conducting a study that focuses on three communities near railyards in the South Coast Air Basin - San Bernardino, Commerce/East LA, and west Long Beach.  The goal of this project was to utilize both quantitative neighborhoods surrounding rail yards. 

Toxicological Pathways of Rail Yard Emission Exposure on Non-Cancer Health Impacts
 (PDF, 616kb)

Ambient Measurements of Air Toxic Pollutants at Resurrection Catholic School in Boyle Heights

South Coast AQMD conducted a comprehensive year-long monitoring study in April of 2009 of air toxic levels at the Resurrection Catholic School in Boyle Heights, in an area impacted by both local and regional pollution sources.  This report discusses the air quality data collected at the Resurrection School and compares them to those obtained in other parts of South Coast Air Basin during the same time period.

Ambient Measurements at Resurrection Catholic School Final Report (PDF, 1MB)
Presentation (PDF, 3MB)


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