Rule 1113

Architectural Coatings

Advisory Notice - Small Container Exemption for Rust Preventative Coatings

Advisory Notice - Small Container Exemption for Rust Preventative Coatings (PDF)

Rule 1113 - Architectural Coatings (PDF) 

Rule 1113 was adopted in September 1977 to tackle area source emissions, specifically paint and coatings, as they constitute the majority of area source emissions as seen in the chart below. This rule limits the volatile organic content (VOC)  of architectural coatings used in the South Coast AQMD. Any person who supplies, sells, offers for sale, or manufactures any architectural coating for use in the South Coast AQMD must comply with the current VOC standards.

2021 Sales and Emission Update

Rule 314 - Fees for Architectural Coatings (PDF)

Rule 314 was adopted in June 2008 to recover the program costs to the South Coast AQMD for establishing and implementing Rule 1113 and include that program’s fair share of South Coast AQMD costs that are apportioned among all South Coast AQMD programs, such as personnel, payroll, etc., as well as costs supported by emissions fees, such as emissions inventory and air monitoring. The rule provides staff with information on architectural coating quantity used and related emissions for planning, compliance, and rule development.  

Although the rule does not explicitly call for emission reductions, the fee structure may provide an incentive to a manufacturer to lower total emissions by marketing a larger volume of low-VOC coatings.  The fees are a two tiered structure based on the sales volume and VOC emissions of the coatings.  The fee will vary depending on the VOC of the coating but is approximately $0.06/gallon.  There are no fees for coatings that contain less than 5 g/L VOC of material, provided they report on time, but the manufacturer is still required to report the coating sales.

The rule contains reporting requirements for all architectural coatings sold into or within the South Coast AQMD beginning with the 2008 calendar year.  Click HERE to see the South Coast AQMD's jurisdiction, including an Excel file containing a zip code list.

The following is a summary of the requirements in Rule 314:

  • Rule 314(d) states that an architectural coating manufacturer subject to this rule shall apply to the District for a manufacturer ID number using South Coast AQMD Form M (PDF).

  • Rule 314(e) requires that, if you are subject to the regulation, your company must submit an Annual Quantity and Emissions Report (AQER).

  • Rule 314(g) requires a onetime payment of an application fee and an Annual Quantity and Emission Fees.

  • Rule 314(i) states, in part, that if both the fee payments and the AQER are not received by May 30th of the following year, beginning with initial submittal for 2008, they shall be considered late and a surcharge for late payment shall be imposed.

  • Rule 314(o) requires that by January 31st each year, a list of your distributors (XLS, 27 KB) must be submitted.

To view a list of the architectural coating manufacturers and coatings that are distributed or sold into or within the South Coast AQMD, please visit our Architectural Coatings Tool (ACT).


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