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General Notifications:
SCAQMD News Brief updates highlighting what is current at SCAQMD, such as conferences, equipment exchanges, advisories, etc.
SCAQMD Advisor SCAQMD's comprehensive bi-monthly newsletter containing the latest news, including rule updates, the latest on programs for businesses and residents, and information about upcoming events, workshops, public hearings and compliance classes (More Information)
Old Vehicle Scrapping Vehicle scrapping updates for collectors and restorers of vintage cars (More Information)
Clean Air Plans/CEQA Updates
2016 AQMP Interested Parties Current information on the development of the 2016 Air Quality Management Plan (More Information)
2016 STMPR Interested Parties Keep up with the Scientific, Technical & Modeling Peer Review (STMPR) Advisory Group for the 2016 AQMP (More Information)
Annual Air Quality Data Summary Updates to SCAQMD’s annual air quality data summaries for the various source receptor areas within the South Coast Air Basin
CEQA Updates Updates to SCAQMD's CEQA webpages, including CEQA thresholds, air quality analyses, mitigation measures, and other CEQA resources
Facility Based Measures Working Group Current information on the development of Facility Based Mobile Source Measures (More Information)
Modeling Guidance and Data Updates Updates to SCAQMD’s modeling guidance and data needed to perform dispersion modeling
Equipment Exchange
Commercial Lawn and Garden Exchange Incentive and exchange program for battery-electric commercial grade equipment (More Information)
Lawnmower Exchange Year-round electric lawnmower rebate program for South Coast residents (More Information)
Incentive Programs
Carl Moyer Program Updates on the grant program for replacement of older heavy-duty diesels with cleaner technologies (More Information)
Incentive RFP Emission reductions projects funded by incentives
Off-Road Diesel Engines - SOON Program Updates on funding assistance available from the "SOON" program for the purchase of low-emission heavy-duty engines for off-road diesel fleet vehicles (More Information)
Prop. 1B Program Updates on Prop. 1B funding to help reduce diesel air pollution from goods movement operations (More Information)
Residential EV Charger Incentive Pilot Program Pilot program providing incentives for residential EV chargers
Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) Updates on VIP that helps fleets with 3 or fewer vehicles to replace high-polluting vehicles with lower-emission ones, or to install retrofit devices (More Information)
VW Mitigation Program
Zero Emission Transit, School and Shuttle Buses Zero Emission Transit, School and Shuttle Buses
Zero Emission Class 8 Freight and Port Drayage Trucks Zero Emission Class 8 Freight and Port Drayage Trucks
Zero Emission Freight and Marine Projects Zero Emission Freight and Marine Projects
Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure
Combustion Freight and Marine Project Combustion freight and marine projects including Class 7 and 8 freight trucks, waste haulers, dump trucks and concrete mixers, freight switcher locomotives, ferries, tugboats, and towboat engines
Permit/Compliance Notifications:
AB2588 Notices related to AB2588 - Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Program (More Information)
BACT Guidelines Notices of BACT Scientific Review Committee meetings and new BACT determinations (More Information)
ERS Notification Notices of RECLAIM Electronic Emissions Reporting System status (More Information)
PSD Notification Email notifications of PSD (Prevention of Significant Deterioration) Projects
Rule 1148.2 Oil and Gas Wells Activity Notification Email notifications of oil and gas well events (More Information)
Norma 1148.2 – Notificación de Actividades de Pozos de Petróleo y Gas Notificaciones por correo electrónico de eventos en pozos de petróleo y gas (Más Información está disponible en ingles)
Refinery Flare Emission Notification: Notices of planned and unplanned flare events at:
Air Liquide Air Liquide Large Industries U.S., LP in El Segundo (More Information)
Air Products Carson Air Products' Hydrogen Facility in Carson (More Information)
Air Products Wilmington Air Products' Hydrogen Facility in Wilmington (More Information)
Chevron El Segundo Chevron Refinery in El Segundo (More Information)
ExxonMobil - Torrance ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance (More Information)
Paramount Petroleum Paramount Paramount Petroleum Refinery in Paramount (More Information)
Phillips 66 - Carson Phillips 66 Refinery in Carson (More Information)
Phillips 66 - Wilmington Phillips 66 Refinery in Wilmington (More Information)
Tesoro LAR Wilmington Tesoro Los Angeles Refinery in Wilmington (More Information)
Tesoro Refinery Carson Tesoro Refinery in Carson (More Information)
Tesoro SRP Carson Tesoro Sulfur Recovery Plant in Carson (More Information)
Ultramar - Wilmington Ultramar Refinery in Wilmington (More Information)
New Technology:
Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center (AQ-SPEC) The latest information on the use and application of “low-cost” air quality sensors, including evaluation reports, website updates, measurement studies, and other sensor related news (More Information)
Technology Forums Notices of upcoming Technology Forums/Roundtables (More Information)
Rule Updates:
PAR 1402 Control of Toxic Air Contaminants from Existing Sources
Proposed Rule 1188 Vacuum Truck Operations
Proposed Rules 1304.2 & 1304.3 Electric Generating Facility Use of PM10 Offset Bank
Regulation III Fee Rules
Regulation XX NOx RECLAIM
Rule 102 Definition of Terms
Rule 120 Credible Evidence
Rules 218/218.1 Requirements for Continuous Emission Monitoring
Rules 219 & 222 Equipment Not Requiring a Written Permit and Filing Requirements For Specific Emission Sources Not Requiring a Written Permit
Rule 314 Fees for Architectural Coatings
Rule 408 Circumvention Public Consultation Presentation
Rule 444 Open Burning
Rule 461 Gasoline Transfer and Dispensing
Rule 463 Organic Liquid Storage
Rule 1107 Coating of Metal Parts and Products
Rule 1109.1 Refinery Equipment
Rule 1110.2 Emissions from Gaseous - and Liquid-Fueled Engines
Rule 1111 Reduction of NOx Emissions from Natural-Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Central Furnaces
Rule 1111.1 Reduction of NOx Emissions from Natural-Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Central Furnaces
Rule 1113 Architectural Coatings
Rule 1114 Petroleum Refinery Coking Operations
Rule 1118 Control of Emissions from Refinery Flares
Rule 1118.1 Control of Emissions from Non-Refinery Flares
Rule 1121 Control of Nitrogen Oxides from Residential - Type, Natural-Gas-Fired Water Heaters
Rule 1123 Refinery Process Turnarounds
Rule 1124 Aerospace Assembly and Component Manufacturing Operations
Rule 1130 Graphic Arts
Rule 1132 Further Control of VOC Emissions from High-Emitting Spray Booth Facilities
Rule 1134 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Stationary Gas Turbines
Rule 1135 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Electric Power Generating Systems
Rule 1136 Wood Products Coatings
Rule 1143 Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-Purpose Solvents
Rule 1144 Metalworking Fluids and Direct-Contact Lubricants
Rule 1146.1 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Small Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial Boilers, Steam Generators, and Process Heaters
Rule 1146.2 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers and Process Heaters
Rule 1147 NOx Reductions from Miscellaneous Sources
Rule 1147.2 Combustion Equipment Associated with Metal Working Facilities
Rule 1150.3 NOx Emission Reduction from Combustion Equipment at Landfills
Rule 1151 Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Non-Assembly Line Coating Operations
Rule 1153.1 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Commercial Food Ovens
Rule 1162 Polyester Resin Operations
Rule 1168 Adhesive and Sealant Applications
Rule 1171 Solvent Cleaning Operations
Rule 1177 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transfer and Dispensing
Rule 1179.1 NOx Emission Reduction from Combustion Equipment at Publicly Owned Treatment Work Facilities
Rule 1180 Refinery Fenceline and Community Monitoring
Rule 1304.1 Electrical Generating Facility Fee for Use of Offset Exemption
Rule 1401 New Source Review of Toxic Air Contaminants
Rule 1403 Asbestos Emissions from Demolition/Renovation Activities
Rule 1410 Hydrogen Fluoride Uses at Refineries
Rule 1415 Reduction of Refrigerant Emissions from Stationary Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
Rule 1466 Toxic Air Contaminant Emissions from Decontamination of Soil
Rule 1469 Hexavalent Chromium Emission from Chrome Plating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations
Rule 1480 Toxic Metals Monitoring
Rule 1610 Old-Vehicle Scrapping
NEAT Working group for Net Emissions Analysis Tool
VOC Test Method Working Group Working group for developing improved GC-based VOC test method
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