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Shinyei - PM Evaluation Kit

General Description

The Shinyei PM Sensor Evaluation Kit  includes a PM sensor, connection interface board I/F, cable harness, AC Adapter, and evaluation software. The PM sensor is an optical sensor that measures PM2.5.

Principle of Operation

The Shinyei PM sensor is equipped with a built in suction fan to enable consistent air flow and larger sampling volume. A built in heater prevents dew from forming on the optical unit and circuit. The principal of operation is based on light scattering methods with a partially enclosed chamber with a single light emitting diode, a plastic lens, and an optical receiver at a forward angle of approximately 45 degrees. Signals resulting from the detection of scattered light are passed through filtering and amplification circuitry that are externally visible on the PM sensor, resulting in 0–5 V pulses of approximately 10–100 ms in length.


  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight:<240 g
  • Battery: No
  • Power supply: Yes (AC adapter)
  • Sensor lifetime:N/A
  • Clock function: Yes
  • Sampling mechanism: Fan
  • Environmental operating conditions: N/A
  • Internal data logging: No
  • PC data logging: Yes (Ethernet cable to computer with Shinyei PM evaluation software)
  • Communications: Ethernet
  • Weatherproof: No


  • Ambient Air measurements

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