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SCAQMD has been a pioneer in developing and implementing a wide range of permit streamlining measures. In the early 1990s, the SCAQMD developed several innovative measures to promote permit streamlining and other customer service programs, some of which were incorporated into state law (California Health and Safety Code Section 42320 et seq) and made mandatory for state-wide implementation. In 1998, the Governing Board Chairman announced a new Permit Streamlining Initiative to further improve permitting efficiency. In April 1998, the Permit Streamlining Task Force (PSTF) subcommittee, including Governing Board members, industry representatives, local government representatives, environmental groups, and SCAQMD staff, was launched to brainstorm new ways to expedite permitting and improve customer service. In order to facilitate and implement these permit streamlining recommendations, the SCAQMD Executive Officer appointed  a permit streamlining ombudsman and a consultant was retained to confer with the permitting staff and the public to determine areas needing improvement.  Recommendations were developed and implemented in the following four basic areas:

  • Reduce steps required to issue permits,

  • Improve communications internally and externally,

  • Optimize permit structure and systems, and

  • Enhance management and organizational effectiveness.

In 2005, PSTF reconvened to continue exploring and developing ways to enhance permit processing.  A new running list of recommendations was generated by the PSTF.  In 2006, the Governing Board approved two million dollars for the following areas in permitting:

  • Staff Enhancement/Augmentation

  • Systems Enhancements

  • Staff Training

Completed tasks are:

  • Establish on-line credit card and e-check payments 

  • Establish on-line Fee Calculator

  • Develop and place on-line a Risk Assessment Calculator    

On-going and recurring tasks are:

  • Redefine the permit application backlog

  • Update/develop templates for permit applications

  • Update Policies and Procedures


 PSTF Meeting 

December 19, 2012

Presentation (pdf, 120 kb) 

 PSTF Meeting
February 15, 2012

  Presentation (pdf, 1.1 Mb))   

PSTF Goals/Objectives for FY 2012-2013 (pdf, 94 kb)

  PSTF Meeting
June 17, 2010

  Presentation (pdf, 6 Mb) 

  PSTF Meeting
January 20, 2010

  Presentation (pdf, 122 kb) 

  PSTF Meeting
November 3, 2009

  Presentation (pdf, 251 kb) 

Handouts (pdf, 920 kb)

  PSTF Meeting
September 1, 2009

  Presentation (pdf, 416 kb) 

  PSTF Meeting
March 17, 2009

  Presentation (pdf, 81 kb) 

  PSTF Meeting
January 28, 2009

  Presentation (pdf, 2.57 Mb) 

 PSTF Meeting
October 23, 2008

 Presentation (pdf, 2.14 Mb)

 PSTF Meeting 
August 26, 2008

 Presentation (pdf, 123 kb)

 PSTF Meeting
June 24, 2008

 Presentation (pdf, 165 kb)

 PSTF Meeting
April 16, 2008

 Presentation (pdf, 129 kb)

 PSTF Meeting
November, 2007

 Presentation (pdf, 111 kb)

 Board Meeting Agenda No. 11
September 7, 2007


 Board Meeting Agenda No. 26
July 13, 2007


 PSTF Meeting 
April 13, 2007

 Presentation (pdf, 155 kb)

 PSTF Meeting 
February 15, 2007

 Presentation (pdf, 87 kb)

 2007 California Air Pollution Control Laws

 Article 2.5 Coordination with the Federal Act

 Board Meeting Agenda No. 9
November 3, 2006


 Permit Application Workflow Presentation
March 2, 2005

 Presentation (pdf, 87 kb)

 PSTF Meeting
February 9, 2005

 Presentation (pdf, 127 kb)

 PSTF Final Report
February 1999

 Final Report (pdf, 87 kb)

 Appendices (pdf, 87 kb)

 List of Reporting Agencies (pdf, 87 kb)

If you need further assistance, please contact Mitch Haimov of Engineering and Permitting at

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