AB 617 - 2018-Designated Communities

San Bernardino & Muscoy (SBM)

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Community Emissions Reduction Plan

The Community Emissions Reduction Plan (CERP) provides a blueprint for achieving air pollution emission and exposure reductions to address this community’s highest air quality priorities. This plan includes actions to reduce emissions and/or exposures in partnership with community stakeholders. Beginning in late 2019, the plan will be implemented over several years, during which South Coast AQMD staff will track its progress and provide periodic updates to the community.

Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring Data
AB 617 Community Air Monitoring is being conducted in selected communities as part of the AB 617 program. The locations and types of pollutants being monitored is unique to each community and was determined through close collaboration with stakeholders. Data collected from air monitoring can provide valuable information about sources of air pollution, types of pollutants, and air quality impacts in AB 617 communities. Monitoring data resulting from the implementation of the Community Air Monitoring Plans (or CAMPs) can be used to support and track air quality actions prioritized by the community to reduce local exposure to harmful air pollutants.

Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP)
The main purpose of this Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) is to summarize the proposed air monitoring activities for addressing the major air quality concerns identified by the Community Steering Committee (CSC) in San Bernardino/Muscoy (SBM) and provide information supporting the Community Emission Reduction Plan (CERP), which is currently under development. The South Coast AQMD is seeking input from the CSC and members of the public to revise and improve the CAMP. This document has been submitted to the California Air Resource Board (CARB) as per the “Community Air Protection Blueprint”.

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Associated Content

  • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) - The AB 617 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides input to South Coast AQMD staff on technical details related to source attribution, air monitoring and other technical analysis needed to develop air monitoring plans and Community Emissions Reduction Plans for AB 617 implementation.
  • Community Air Protection Program (CAPP) - CARB has established a Community Air Protection Program with statewide strategies to reduce exposure in communities most impacted by air pollution.


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