BACT Scientific Review Committee


The following documents from the April 4, 2017
BACT Scientific Review Committee meeting are available at the links below:

                                                                   1. Agenda
                                                                   2. Presentation
                                                                   3.Handouts (with proposed BACT Determinations)

Written comments on the proposed updates to the BACT Guidelines are due by
May 4, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (PST) and may be submitted to BACT_Team.


Overall Purpose of Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

  1. Comment on proposed new & more stringent BACT determinations in permit applications under 30-day public review.
  2. Comment on proposed BACT listings for BACT Guidelines updates (All Parts).
  3. Except for above, purpose is not to comment on past permitting decisions or change them.

Specific SRC Role

  1. New & More Stringent BACT determinations under 30-day public review:
    1. Review and comment on the appropriateness of the proposed BACT determination within the 30-day comment period by e-mail/mail/fax.
    2. Permit issuance subject to AQMD rules/State law timelines.
  2. Review of other Part B BACT listings:
    Staff commits to send new BACT listings to the SRC at least one week prior to the SRC meeting. There may be general discussion of the BACT listing at the first meeting, and the SRC and the public may send preliminary written comments on the BACT listing prior to the first meeting, as well as follow-up written comments within two weeks of the first meeting for staff to address. However, in order to allow staff time to research any issues raised about new BACT listings, staff will address any comments raised by the SRC or the public at the meeting following the one where the new BACT listing is introduced.
  3. Review and comment on revisions to Part A –Policies and Procedures.

BACT SRC Charter

The BACT SRC Charter which details the goals and objective, composition and selection of the BACT SRC membership, desired qualifications of its membership and the operational guidelines for the BACT SRC is available here.

SCAQMD Staff Role

  1. BACT Team staff will present BACT forms and respond to questions received at the next SRC meeting.
  2. Engineering & Compliance staff will respond to specific issues raised, if appropriate, at the next SRC meeting.