The SCAQMD is directed by a thirteen member Governing Board and staff are organized into eight offices that oversee regulatory, scientific, and business functions.

Governing Board

The SCAQMD Governing Board is made up of thirteen officials who meet monthly to establish policy and approve or reject new or amended rules. The Governing Board appoints the Executive Officer, General Counsel, and members of the Hearing Board

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Executive Office (EO)

The Executive Office is responsible for the management of the SCAQMD and the development and implementation of strategies to attain ambient air quality standards. This office translates goals and objectives into programs and enforceable regulations that meet federal and state statutory requirements, while being sensitive to potential socioeconomic and environmental justice impacts in the South Coast Air Basin. The office consists of the Executive Officer, a Chief Operating Officer, and the Clerk of the Boards, plus support staff. 

  • Wayne Nastri, Executive Officer

  • Jill Whynot, Chief Operating Officer

  • Denise Garzaro, Clerk of the Boards

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The Legal department provides legal advice to the Governing Board and staff on all issues relating to the operations of the SCAQMD, including enforcement and litigation, and represents the Executive Officer in variances, abatement orders, and permit appeals before the Hearing Board.

  • Bayron Gilchrist, General Counsel

  • Barbara Baird, Chief Deputy Counsel

  • Nicholas Sanchez, Assistant Chief Deputy Counsel-Major Prosecutions 

  • Nancy Feldman, Principal Deputy District Counsel

  • Megan Lorenz, Principal Deputy District Counsel

  • Veera Tyagi, Principal Deputy District Counsel

  • William Wong, Principal Deputy District Counsel

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    Science & Technology Advancement (STA)

    • Matt Miyasato, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Officer

    • Jason Low, Ph.D., Assistant Deputy Executive Officer

    • Fred Minassian, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer

    The Science & Technology Advancement office is composed of the following units:

    Monitoring and Analysis (M&A)
    Monitoring and Analysis operates monitoring stations under National Air Monitoring Stations, State and Local Air Monitoring Stations and Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations programs. They respond to local ambient monitoring requests, including meteorological and sampling services as part of the SCAQMD's emergency response program.

    • Andrea Polidori, Manager, Advanced Monitoring Technologies

    • Aaron Katzenstein, Manager, Laboratory Services & Source Test Engineering

    • Kevin Durkee, Manager, Quality Assurance

    • Rene Bermudez, Manager, Atmospheric Measurements

    • Vacant, Manager, Source Testing

    Technology Advancement Office (TAO)
    The Technology Advancement Office cosponsors low- and zero-emission and clean fuel technology development and demonstration projects in a cooperation with private industry, technology developers, and local, state, and federal agencies.  AB2766 created the MSRC, an independent agency, to make recommendations as to which projects and programs would be funded from motor vehicle registration fees received by the SCAQMD. STA provides staff and other support to facilitate its activities.

    • Naveen Berry, Manager, Technology Demonstration

    • Lourdes Cordova Martinez, Manager, Contracts & Outreach

    • Vicki White, Manager, Technology Implementation

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    Engineering & Permitting (E&P)

    • Laki Tisopulos, Deputy Executive Officer

    • Amir Dejbakhsh, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer

    This group has primary responsibility for SCAQMD’s permit system, including issuance and administration of RECLAIM (the REgional CLean Air Incentives Market) Facility Permits, Permits to Construct and Permits to Operate equipment at non-RECLAIM facilities, and the Federal Title V Operating Permit Program.

    • Mitch Haimov, Manager, Coatings, Printing, Plating, Military, Entertainment, Permitting, Title V, Permit Streamlining

    • Andrew Lee, Manager, Energy, Public Services, Waste Management, Terminals, Permitting

    • Danny Luong, Manager, RECLAIM Administration

    • Edward Muehlbacher, Manager, Administrative, Chemical, Mechanical, Ports

    • William Thompson, Manager, NSR, General Commercial, Government, Oil/Gas, Permit Services, IM Coordination

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    Compliance & Enforcement (C&E)

    • Marian Coleman, Deputy Executive Officer

    • Terrence Mann, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer

    This group ensures compliance with SCAQMD permit conditions, local air quality rules and regulations, and state and federal air quality mandates at permitted facilities. They also respond to air quality complaints received from the public.

    • Jason Aspell, Manager, Toxics & Waste Management

    • Scott Caso, Manager, Major Sources

    • Rafael Reynosa, Manager, Energy/Refinery/Retail Gasoline Dispensing

    • Victor Yip, Manager, Industrial/Commercial/Governmental Operations

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    Planning, Rule Development & Area Sources (PRDAS)

    The Office of Planning, Rule Development and Area Sources is responsible for the majority of the SCAQMD’s air quality planning functions, and developing proposals for new rules and amendments to existing rules. PRDAS also inventories area sources and conducts permitting and compliance activities related to area sources. Programs administered by this office include: Annual Emissions Reporting, Toxics Hot Spots (AB 2588), Air Quality Modeling and Emissions Inventory, Health Effects, Air Quality Management Plans and State Implementation Plans, Meteorology, Air Quality Evaluation, CEQA, Socioeconomic Analysis, Transportation Programs, Rulemaking, Area Source Program Development and Implementation. The Mobile Source unit participates in state and federal mobile source rulemaking, and oversees development of new SCAQMD mobile source rules.

    • Philip Fine, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Officer

    • Susan Nakamura, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer 

    • Sarah Rees, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer

    • Jo Kay Ghosh, Health Effects Officer, Health Effects

    • David DeBoer, Manager, Area Sources Compliance, Toxics/VOC Rules 1

    • Carol Gomez, Manager, Transportation Programs

    • Tracy Goss, Manager, Annual Emissions Reports, AB 2588

    • Michael Krause, Manager, NOx/SOx, RECLAIM, Toxics/VOC Rules 3

    • Ian MacMillan, Manager, Socioeconomic Analysis, Mobile Sources/ISR

    • Michael Morris, Manager, Admin, NSR, PM Control Strategies, Toxics/VOC Rules 4

    • Zorik Pirveysian, Manager, Mobile Source-Fleet Rules, Climate Change, AQMP, Modeling

    • Jillian Wong, Manager, CEQA, CEQA-IGR,Toxics/VOC Rules 2

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    Legislative, Public Affairs & Media (LPAM)

    The Office of Legislative, Public Affairs & Media includes the Public Advisor, Legislative Affairs, Government Relations, Community Outreach, Small Business Assistance and Media Relations units. The mission of Legislative, Public Affairs & Media is to promote public participation in, and understanding of, air quality issues, legislation and policies. The office provides information regarding SCAQMD regulatory, planning and legislative activities to the general public, businesses, local governments, ethnic communities, and environmental organizations.

    • Derrick Alatorre, Deputy Executive Officer

    • Fabian Wesson, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer/Public Advisor

    • Vacant, Director of Communications

    •  William Sanchez, Sr. Manager, Legislative/Communications

    • Sam Atwood, Manager, Media Office

    • Philip Crabbe III, Manager, State Legislation, Com Center

    • Lisa Tanaka O'Malley, Manager, Federal Legislation

    • Vacant, Manager, Local Government/Community Outreach

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    Administrative Office (AO)

    • Vacant, Chief Administrative Officer

    • Sujata Jain, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer, Finance

    • Ron Moskowitz, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer, Information Management

    • John Olvera, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer, Administrative & Human Resources

    The Administrative Office performs administrative/human resources, finance, and information management functions and is comprised of the following:

    Administrative/Human Resources
    Performs all administrative/human resources functions, including administering and interpreting human resources-related laws, rules, and regulations, administering personnel and employee relations programs to maximize hiring, retention, and development of highly-qualified employees, ensuring a healthful and safe work environment, controlling risk and accident-related costs, performing maintenance and repairs of the SCAQMD headquarters buildings, building equipment, cafeteria, grounds, childcare center, field offices, air monitoring stations, meteorological stations, and landscape maintenance, and administering leases, custodial services, and automotive services.

    • Bryan Bradford, Manager, Recruitment & Selection/Classification & Pay

    • Bruce Jacobson, Manager, Building Services

    • Greg Mayes, Manager, Risk Management

    • William Richards, Manager, Employee & Labor Relations/Benefits & Records

    • Gracie Tucker, Manager, Business Services

    Performs all financial functions, including processing payroll, preparation and printing of budgets, financial reports, and work programs, invoicing, revenue posting and depositing, payment of bills, responding to customer questions, financial planning, cash management, treasury management, grant administration, general ledger maintenance, administering audits mandated by state law, and administration of contracts and purchasing functions.

    • Dean Hughbanks, Manager, Procurement

    • Donna Peterson, Manager, Financial Services

    • Susanna Leung, Controller, Accounting, Cash Management & Payroll

    Information Management
    Performs all information management functions, including desktop support, network services, public records requests, systems and programming, records management, website maintenance and improvement, and technology planning.

    • Mark Henninger, Manager, Information Technology/Hardware & Network

    • Vacant, Manager, Information Technology/Systems Development

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    For more details on the SCAQMD's Goals and Mission consult the current budget.

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