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Clarity Node

General Description

The Clarity Node is a an air quality monitoring instrument designed to provide near real-time air quality data of PM2.5 (0-1000 μg/m3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2: 0-3000 ppb), carbon dioxide (CO2: 0-1000 ppm), total volatile organic compounds (VOC: 0-1000 ppm), temperature, and relative humidity. The Clarity Node pushes data to the Clarity server and authorized users can access data via a web browser on an internet-connected device.

Principle of Operation

This device incorporates a Laser Particle Counter (LPC) which uses a light scattering method to size and count particles and then convert them to a mass fraction.


  • Dimensions: 84 x 165 x 58 (H x W x L) mm
  • Weight: <1 kg
  • Power supply: 5 VDC power supply, internal battery, and optional solar power
  • Enclosure: In operation, IP46. Main enclosure (air inlet & outlet sealed): IP67
  • PM Sampling Mechanism: Fan
  • Data logging: Cloud-based
  • Communications: WiFi  or Cellular
  • Software: Accessed via web browser, runs on cloud server
  • Environmental operating conditions: -10 to 55 degrees C
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Mapping pollution sources
  • Roadside monitoring networks
  • Validating air quality models
  • Air quality sensitive industries e.g. data centers
  • Building management systems
  • Community exposure studies
  • Protecting health and safety of students
  • Public information and protection
  • Smart city grid monitoring
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