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Gas-Phase Sensor Evaluations

South Coast AQMD’s AQ-SPEC program aims at being the testing center for low cost air monitoring sensors to establish performance standards by which sensors are evaluated. The program evaluates sensors in both controlled laboratory conditions and in the field. In the field, sensors are tested alongside one or more of South Coast AQMD’s existing air monitoring stations using traditional federal reference/equivalent method instruments to gauge overall performance. Sensors demonstrating acceptable performance in the field are then brought to the AQ-SPEC laboratory for more detailed testing in an environmental chamber under controlled conditions alongside traditional federal reference/equivalent method and/or best available technology instruments.


Gas-Phase Sensors

Est. Cost(USD)  Type Meas. *Field R2 *Lab R2
*Field MAE (ppb)  *Lab MAE (ppb)  Summary Report
  2bpom  2B Technologies
$4,500 UV absorption
(FEM Method)
 O3  1.00 0.99     PDF
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aeroqualaqy Aeroqual
(AQY v0.5)
$3,000 Electrochem  NO2 0.77 0.98      PDF 
(1,158 KB)
Metal Oxide O3 0.95 0.98      PDF
(1,163 KB)
Aeroqual AQY v1.0  Aeroqual
(AQY v1.0) 
 $4,000  Electrochem   NO2  0.60 to 0.77    4.1 to 5.3      
Metal Oxide   O3   0.96 to 0.97    2.4 to 7.3     
 aeroqual Aeroqual
 $500 Metal Oxide O3 0.85 0.99     PDF
(1,197 KB)
Airly  Airly
$1,000  Electrochem  NO2   0.54 to 0.80    42.4 to 48.1     
O3   0.90 to 0.94    19.3 to 22.9   
 aqev1cono2o3 Air Quality Egg
Ver. 1
 $200 Metal Oxide CO 0.0        
NO2 0.40      
O3 0.85      
 aqev2cono2 Air Quality Egg
Ver. 2
 $240 Electrochem CO 0.0        
NO2 0.0      
  AQE  Air Quality Egg
Ver. 2
 $240 Electrochem O3  0.0 to 0.20        
SO2 n/a      
 APIS_Photo APIS    $4,995   Electrochem  CO  0.87 to 0.90    70.0 to 99.8     
NO  0.87 to 0.97    1.3 to 2.6   
  NO2  0.30 to 0.44    6.1 to 9.4   
 O3   0.73 to 0.83    14.2 to 19.1   
 aqmeshv3 AQMesh
V4.0 Discontinued
$10,000 Electrochem CO 0.42 to 0.80        
NO 0.0 to 0.44      
NO2 0.0 to 0.46      
O3 0.46 to 0.83      
AQMesh_v5.1  AQMesh
$7,800  Electrochem  CO  0.90 to 0.94    40.0 to 52.3     
NO  0.67 to 0.76    10.9 to 12.3    
 NO2  0.49 to 0.54   7.6 to 8.4   
 NOx  0.73 to 0.84    15.0 to 18.9   
O3  0.62 to 0.74    12.9 to 14.4    
 SO2   n/a    n/a   

 $1,243   Electrochem  CO  0.93 to 0.94    93.6 to 134.9     

$1,198  NO2   0.0 to 0.12    6.0 to 14.6   

Zaack 200x300 
(Zaack AQI) 
$3,000  Electrochem  CO  0.84 to 0.87    276.0 to 329.6     
NO2 0.53 to 0.58    7.2 to 8.0    
 O3  0.0    20.7 to 23.9   
 Kunak  Kunak
(Air A10)
~$5,000  Electrochem  CO  0.55 to 0.60    38.9 to 42.0     
NO  0.78 to 0.93    1.1 to 1.7   
 NO2  0.24 to 0.32    6.6 to 7.4   
O3  0.86 to 0.88    4.8 to 5.9   

Magnasci SRL
(uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL HW103)  
~$1,300  Electrochem  CO  0.00 to 0.07    224.9 to 290.7    
NO2  0.00 to 0.05    11.6 to 24.8   
O3  0.00 to 0.08    15.0 to 19.5   

Oizom Polludrone Smart 
(Polludrone Smart)
$8,000  Electrochem  CO  0.64 to 0.71    76 to 81      
NO  0.10 to 0.35    21.1 to 24.6   
  NO2  0.002 to 0.03    20.6 to 29.1    
O3  0.14 to 0.23    18.9 to 19.7    
 perkinelmerelm Perkin Elmer
$5,200 Metal Oxide NO n/a        
NO2 0.0   11.9 to 14.1   
O3 0.89 to 0.96   4.6 to 9.8    
 Plume Labs Flow 2 Plume Labs 
(Flow 2) 
$199  Metal Oxide   NO2  0.04 to 0.14    11.2 to 17.6     
 smartcitizenkit  Smart Citizen Kit $200 Metal Oxide CO 0.50 to 0.85        
NO2 0.0      
 specsensors   Spec Sensors $500 Electrochem CO 0.84 to 0.90        
NO2 0.0 to 0.16      
O3 0.0 to 0.24      
 uhoo uHoo $300 Metal Oxide CO 0.0    360     
O3 0.43 to 0.72   14.5 to 68.8   
 sensit UNITEC
$2,200 Metal Oxide CO 0.33 to 0.43 0.99 117.1 to 736.8    PDF
(1,283 KB)
$2,200  NO2 0.57 to 0.62   16.2 to 20.6   
$2,200  O3 0.72 to 0.83 0.82 to 0.90 11.0 to 13.4    PDF
(1,177 KB)
   vaisalaaqt410  Vaisala
Ver. 1.11
$3,700 Electrochem CO 0.28 to 0.31        
NO2 0.0      
O3 0.40 to 0.58      
SO2 n/a
vaisalaaqt410 Vaisala
Ver. 1.15
$3,700 Electrochem CO 0.80 to 0.83   222 to 234     
NO2 0.43 to 0.61   13.0 to 16.3   
O3 0.66 to 0.82   6.6 to 8.9   
SO2 n/a       

*The coefficient of determination (R2) is a statistical parameter measuring the degree of relation between two variables. Here, it measures the linear relationship between the sensor and the Federal Reference Method (FRM), or Federal Equivalent Method (FEM), or Best Available Technology (BAT) reference instrument. An R2 approaching the value of 1 reflects a near perfect correlation, whereas a value of 0 indicates a complete lack of correlation. All R2 values reported in these evaluations are based either on 5-min or 1-hr average data. The Lab R2 values are based on experiments conducted in the chamber, under average ambient conditions (20 degrees C and 40% RH). The mean absolute error (MAE) is a statistical parameter measuring the average of the absolute difference between the sensor and the FRM or FEM or BAT reference instruments, without considering the direction of errors. higher MAE values indicate higher sensor measurement error when compared to the reference instruments. All field MAE values are based either on 5-min or 1-hr average data; all lab MAE values are based on the experiments conducted in the chamber using a medium gas concentration under ambient conditions (20 degrees C and 40% RH). If a sensor has not demonstrated a good performance in the field, it may not advance to the laboratory chamber test.


All documents, reports, data, and other information provided on this website are for informational use only. The majority of sensors evaluated as part of the Air Quality-Sensor Performance Evaluation Center (AQ-SPEC) program were field-tested inside a custom-made aluminum enclosure to protect the sensors from windblown rain, harsh sunlight, and animals. The field evaluations reports included on this website contain data collected at our monitoring station during a specific 30- to 60-day period and may not be duplicated at the same or different location, season, time period, or weather conditions (e.g. temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed/direction). As the overall sensor performance may be affected by the specific environmental conditions experienced at our location during the time of testing, replication and/or duplication may not possible to achieve. The laboratory evaluation was conducted in the AQ-SPEC’s environmental chamber with simulated pollutant and interferent concentrations that were generated from nebulizer solutions, dust dispensers, and gas dilution calibrators. Generated environments may not be able to fully replicate the conditions that may be experienced under ambient settings. The sensor assembly, installation, and use can also impact the reliability of the products evaluated by the AQ-SPEC program. South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) makes no claim, warranty, or guarantee that these devices will or will not work when operated by other users for their specific applications.

The South Coast AQMD AQ-SPEC program in the Quality Assurance division of the Science and Technology Advancement office aims at providing information to and for the benefit of the public to make informed purchasing decisions on commercially available “low cost” air quality sensor devices. In accordance with this mission, the general policy of the Board of the Agency is to exclude from the AQ-SPEC website all commercial advertising and promotional material, including links which provide exclusive private or financial benefit to commercial, non-public enterprises and which do not promote or enhance a public benefit to the general public. As a government agency, the South Coast AQMD neither endorses nor supports individual private commercial enterprises through display of their products on the AQ-SPEC website or through providing links to the sites of such commercial enterprises.

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